LMS Announces Evolution of Mindset Course

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We are pleased to announce the roll-out of our latest course designed to strengthen the strongest weapon, the mind.  Dr. Neal Olshan and Chappy have worked to create the Evolution of Mindset Course, an integrated mind-body program of instruction designed to teach you how to teach yourself to clearly perceive events and exercise exacting judgment under stress.

Dr. Olshan has developed his decades of performance psychology experience, developed for and successfully applied by professional athletes, into a comprehensive system for use by tactical professionals and armed citizens.

The Evolution of Mindset Course is intended to teach you to;

  • Improve situational awareness
  • Improve carbine and handgun skill sets
  • Improve cognitive decision making
  • Improve tactical reaction time
  • Eliminate tunnel vision
  • Control auditory exclusion
  • Eliminate intrusive and distracting thoughts
  • Increase skill confidence at a subconscious level (mind-no-mind)
  • Visualize a threat stimulus and initiate a dynamic response
  • Eliminate memory distortions
  • Eliminate temporary paralysis
  • Counter automatic pilot

The Evolution of Mindset Course at LMS Defense is an intense experience that is fast-paced and designed to elevate your skill sets to the next level of performance. The Mindset Weapons System Formulas go beyond helping you achieve a high score in your chosen shooting activity but is the ultimate weapons and tactics administrator that may be a determining factor in your survivability.

We have teamed with Nemesis Precision Shooting Systems (www.npstwo.com) to provide the latest in Biometric Data Collection to enhance the training value to each student.

Many of you over the years have asked Chappy how to better train the mind, so we hope to see you in this course.

Stout Hearts

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