Combat Development

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Combat Development Cell

The mission of the LMS Defense Combat Development Cell is the research, development and testing (R/D/T) of Military and Law Enforcement equipment; and the integration of the results into Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP’s) usable by front line police and military units.

The Combat Development Cell conducts this R/D/T for Defense Manufacturers, US military and police organizations, and foreign governments friendly to the United States (DoS Licensing requirements apply).

Combat Development Center

LMS Defense maintains a large facility in Northern Nevada, outside Fernley, for use as a training and combat development complex.  This Combat Development Center (CDC) consists of 10 live fire ranges, a 10,000 square foot shoothouse, blast pad, helicopter LZ, convoy defense course, and maneuver space.

LMS Defense is able to leverage the CDC for training and the testing of equipment and TTP’s in part due to the nearly identical geography and climate as the SWA area of operations.  Our rough terrain and conditions allow for realistic and comprehensive training, testing and development.


LMS Defense Privacy Statement

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