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Evolution of Mindset, 11-12 FEB 2012, CDC, Nevada

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Image 3. - Once the challenge was met, targets were shot while DocNeal and Chappy watched.

Image 4. - After the shot, the student would review their physiological responses to the challenges with DocNeal & Chappy.

Image 5. - Setup being monitored by DocNeal.

Image 6. - Some drills included and non-related task such as searching for something.

Image 7. Second day.  Task in Shoot house.

Image 8. - Waiting their turn.

Image 9. - The closest I got to a class photo.  Sorry.

This looks like it could be a very valuable class.  Not only did it show the student how they reacted physiologically to various stresses (physical, mental, dexterity) it provided them with biofeedback exercises to help control thier reactions.

I wish I had taken the class rather than photographed it.


Placeholder - I'll go back over my notes and post my AAR here in a bit. This was a very interesting class and something of a first I suspect at least in the civilian training market.


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