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Maintenance Training Program

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Whether you are a law enforcement officer that frequently participates in formal law enforcement training, or a private citizen that engages in concealed carry, working seriously with firearms is a martial art, much like any other form of personal defense. At LMS Defense we have begun to realize that students taking a course once or [...]

Concealed Carry

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What is the first thing someone could consider when contemplating carrying a concealed weapon as a private citizen? Concealed Carry as a private citizen is decision that is often too quickly made.  In today’s world, the threat of crime and violence towards one’s self or his/her family is often reason enough to decide to carry.  Others feel [...]

To Carry or Not?

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By Matt Merony, LMS Defense Instructor I am a Law Enforcement officer and get asked all the time if I carry my sidearm off-duty or not and if I do how often? My answer to people is yes and almost always. I say I almost always off-duty carry because there are certain situations where carrying [...]

Happy Carry

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By: Kevin Williams, LMS Defense Instructor There are several common locations for carrying a concealed handgun on one’s person. Strongside hip at the 4 or 3 O’clock, weakside hip (if carrying a backup pistol), small of the back, an ankle or purse holster – all have their pro’s and con’s. A person’s level of confidence, [...]

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