Counterterrorism Hard Skills Package

no image This course will consist of: Handgun Skills 2 Days (20 hours) Includes fundamentals (stance, grip, draw, sighting, after actions etc), tactical and concealed engagement procedures, advanced weapons manipulation, one handed shooting and manipulations, transitions to secondary weapon, alternate aiming methods, precision engagements, low light engagements, fighting from disadvantaged positions, and two man handgun tactics. Carbine Skills 2 Days (20 hours) Includes zero procedures, marksmanship fundamentals refresher, fundamental and advanced manipulations, simple complex and catastrophic malfunction management, simple and complex shooting positions, ground fighting, use of cover and concealment, shooting on the move, CQB shooting, precision engagements, low light engagements, and team tactics. May include NVG / IR block of instruction, depending on student equipment. Vehicle Counterassaults 1 Day (10 hours) Includes fighting from inside moving and stationary soft skin vehicles, exiting vehicles in high threat areas and under fire, fighting from and around vehicle exteriors, engaging targets located in and around vehicles, small team counterassaults from vehicle based positions, and assault deployment from vehicles. CQB Cell Tactics 2 Days (20 hours) Includes 4 man cell tactics for use inside structures, using movement, SIMS and live fire evolutions. Focuses on team assaults, building / area re-seizures, principal recovery and extraction (PRE), and safe area seizure / ALAMO operations. Includes day operations, night operations, and (student equipment dependant) NVG / IR CQB operations. Integrated Team Operations 3 Days (30 hours) Day 1 (10 hours) Includes intra and inter team communications procedures, TCCC (self aid, buddy aid and casualty prep and movement), CASEVAC / MEDEVAC procedures (including casualty packing, HLZ ID, setup and security, 9 Line comms), high risk convoy and motorcade counterassaults, and low light large target assaults (no fire - at offsite casino / hotel). Day 2 (10 hours) Includes live fire high risk convoy counterassault and CASEVAC full mission profile, live fire commercial structure assault full mission profile (Day time), and SIMS fire PRE full mission profile (night). Day 3 (10 hours) Includes live fire PRE full mission profile (with ALAMO and QRF evac block), SIMS fire structure assault full mission profile, live fire high risk convoy counterassault and safe area seizure full mission profile, and complete AAR.

Duration: 10 days

Prerequisites: US Military Members (Active and AGR), Law enforcement special operations personnel, US Citizen PMC professionals with active US Government security clearance (SECRET), - Friendly nation special operations military personnel with ITAR license (Under LMS brokers license- application cutoff is 1 FEB 2012)

Equipment Needed:

  • Handgun and 3 magazines 1000 rounds handgun ammunition Tactical holster and magazine pouches Concealment holster and magazine pouch Concealment garment Carbine (M4 pattern preferred) with red dot or other optical sight and 4 magazines (rentals available) 1500 rounds carbine ammunition 250 rounds of UTM 5.56 marking ammunition (available from Pro Shop
  • email Carbine sling Tactical vest with magazine pouches
  • radio pouch and medical kit (TQ
  • pressure bandage
  • NPA and kerlex required) Concealable M4 magazine belt pouch Body armor and ballistic helmet (loaners available) Night vision device and weapon mounted IR laser (Optional) Weather appropriate clothing and boots (it normally remains cold at the CDC in April) Weapons maintenance gear Water and food Eye
  • ear and joint PPE (ensure ear pro fit with helmet) Pen and waterproof notepad Camera and laptop (optional)

Upcoming Courses:

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