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LMS Defense hosting Travis Haley at the CDC

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LMS Defense is happy to announce we will be one of the first to host Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners for his Adaptive Carbine 1 at the Combat Development Center in Northern Nevada.  Travis will be teaching his forward-leaning course September 9-11, 2011.  From beginner to advanced shooter, the Adaptive Carbine Program strats wit [...]

The Best Home Defense Firearm

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The subjects of home defense, home defense training and how to choose the best home defense firearm are often hotly debated on Internet forums, in gun stores and just about every where firearms are discussed. This article will cover this topic based on the experiences of the LMS Defense instructor cadre. Why own a firearm? [...]

To Stay or Go – What will you do during a crisis or emergency?

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By Jason Drader, LMS Defense Instructor In the spring of 2009 I wrote a column for the blog on planning to make it home, whether it be during inclement weather or during a crisis or disaster of some kind. Since then I have continued read comments made by folks about grabbing their rifle and the [...]

A Man’s home is his castle

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Kevin Williams, LMS Defense Instructor Or so it should be. Everyone’s probably seen those ridiculous home security system commercials on TV where the bad guys kick in the front door, and then run away like little girls when the alarm starts making noise. Of course the alarm company is on the phone calling in to [...]

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