Jason Paletta

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Jason has over thirteen years of law enforcement experience with 7 of those years being assigned to SWAT. Jason is a certified armorer for Glock handguns and the AR-15 series rifle. Jason’s past assignments consist of Department Range Master, Gang Detective, Tactical Baton Instructor and Taser Instructor. Jason left Law Enforcement in 2011 and is now serving as a High Threat Diplomatic Security Professional where he has been assigned to such teams as the U.S. Ambassador’s Protection Detail in Baghdad, Iraq.

Prior to Jason’s Law Enforcement career, he served as a Weapon Squad Team Leader with the 3/504 PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment) with the 82nd Airborne Division where he was also tasked with teaching tactics and being a firearms instructor. With Jason’s past experience and training, he has taught firearm skills to novice firearm handlers at the police academy as well as to seasoned soldiers, contractors and law enforcement professionals.

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