Maintenance Training Program

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Whether you are a law enforcement officer that frequently participates in formal law enforcement training, or a private citizen that engages in concealed carry, working seriously with firearms is a martial art, much like any other form of personal defense.

At LMS Defense we have begun to realize that students taking a course once or twice, then practicing the skills rarely, leads to poor skills retention when it counts. Think about one of the traditional martial arts, and why they work. Repeated, continuious exposure and supervised practice is required to maintain any complex function, including shooting, medical skills, fighting procedures or driving.

In response to this need, we have developed a bi-weekly Maintenance Training Program at our facilities in Fernley, NV. This program will be conducted on weeknights after 6:30pm, and will go for an hour or two, depending on the need.

The program will always begin at our Classroom at 888 US 95A in Fernley. Anyone may attend, whether they are a current LMS student or not. In keeping with our goal to encourage regular attendance (because we believe the need is so acute) we are keeping the costs low; with the weekly fee set at $20 per session for LMS Alumni, and $25 per session for non-Alumni. Our goal is to build a large regular attendance at this program, eventually building up to weekly sessions. These sessions will require little to no ammunition, and topics will vary.

Our first two sessions are scheduled for:

Thursday June 23, 2011, 1830 hrs, Topic: CCW Fundemental Skills, Gear: No ammo, CCW weapon and accessories, 5 dummy rounds

Thursday July 7, 2011, 1830 hrs, Topic: Carbine Manipulations, Gear: No ammo, carbine with sling and magazines, mag holder, 5 dummy rounds

Please pass this announcement to anyone, beginner or seasoned warrior, whom you feel would benifit from the program or may be interested.

I am excited to see you there.


John Chapman, LMS Defense Inc.

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