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LMS Defense offers operationally flexible and experienced based training that can augment existing training programs or serve as a “turn-key” training program on demand. Courses are developed and implemented for the following:

  • Law Enforcement Patrol Officers
  • Law Enforcement Tactical Teams
  • Law Enforcement Training Programs
  • Military Contract Training
  • Private Sector Security Professionals
  • Mobile Training Teams (CONUS and OCONUS)

Open Enrollment Training:

Medical Training:

  • Defensive Medicine
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
  • Austere Medicine
  • Mass Casualty and Disaster Response

Law Enforcement & Military Restricted Training:

Instructor and Program Development:

  • Firearms Instructor
  • CQB Instructor
  • Law Enforcement Skills Instructor
  • Course / POI Development
  • Training Programs Development

Security Professional Training:

  • Disaster Security Operations
  • Executive Protection, Comprehensive
  • Counter Assault Team Operations
  • Low Profile Protection Operations
  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance
  • Protection Intelligence Operations
  • Force Protection Operations
  • Anti-Piracy Operations
  • Maritime Asset and Force Protection
  • Training Standards Development
  • Team Selection
  • Team Initial Train and On-boarding
  • Liability Analysis
  • After Action Investigations

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