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To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing; unique, and fitted to his talents. What a tragedy, if that moment finds him unprepared and unqualified for the work that would be his finest hour. – Sir Winston Churchill

LMS Defense will be holding an Instructor Selection Session in Twin Falls, ID.

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When: Feb 28-29, 2012; 1000-1600 each day

Position Description:

An LMS Defense Instructor is expected to safely and effectively lead students through developed curriculum in the following subject matters:

  • Weapons safety in range and “real world” environments
  • Rules and ethics of the use of force
  • Develop and deliver lesson plans for specific skills, techniques and procedures based on existing approved curriculum and doctrine
  • Handgun safety, manipulation and use
  • Carbine safety, manipulation and use
  • Shotgun safety, manipulation and use
  • Less lethal devices safety, manipulation and use
  • NFDD safety, manipulation, deployment standards and use
  • Individual and team close quarters search and engagement
  • Individual and team open area searches and containment
  • High Risk vehicle stops
  • Rapid response skills, techniques and procedures
  • Hostage recovery operations


  • US Citizen
  • Strong moral character
  • Minimum of 4 years of law enforcement or military combat arms experience (a hiring preference is applied to Veterans)
  • Ability to effectively communicate to groups and individuals
  • Minimum of 3 years of instructional experience (NCO team training is considered instructional experience)
  • Good physical fitness
  • Military or law enforcement special operations experience is preferred.
  • Candidates must attend Instructor Selection for screening

How to Apply

Email complete resume / CV to johnchapman@lmsdefense.com no later than 20 FEB 2012.  Qualified candidates will be invited to participate in Instructor Selection on 28-29 FEB 2012.

LMS Defense Announces Corporate Move and New Training Center

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Twin Falls, ID — January 18, 2012 –  LMS Defense, Inc. — a full service defensive training firm specializing in counterterrorism training to the United States military, law enforcement, corporations and security professionals — announced today that they will relocate their corporate headquarters to the City of Twin Falls in southern Idaho.

The announcement was made at the annual SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

LMS also discussed plans for a comprehensive counterterrorism training/education center to be located in Twin Falls County to provide critical response and tactical training to civilian forces throughout the Northwest. The site will also include a R&D testing facility for products and systems used in field operations for military and civilian security forces.

“Relocating our corporate headquarters to Twin Falls will allow us to grow the business in a more business-friendly environment with plans to expand counterterrorism training, defense, and R&D testing for law enforcement officers in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming and Montana,” said John Chapman, founder and CEO of LMS Defense.  “Southern Idaho is an ideal location to support our efforts throughout the Northwest to train law enforcement on unique tactics and skills that must be applied in handling domestic terrorism events,” he said.

“LMS’ future training facility will provide vital collaborative instruction to Idaho’s law enforcement community as well as throughout the northwest region,” said Brigadier General Bill Shawver, Director of Idaho’s Bureau of Homeland Security’s military division.  “A regional approach to preparing law enforcement for potential terrorism incidents will be critical to effectively managing high consequence situations,” he said.

The company hopes to collaborate with Idaho National Lab (INL), the Bureau of Homeland Security, Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Department and the College of Southern Idaho (CSI) as well as other businesses/organizations to help “fast track” needed training and support for field operations.

LMS’s future center will also be utilized as an extensive R&D facility to test and determine value of new products and systems prior to field operations

“To have an alternative location in Idaho to test and evaluate small arms-related technologies will be very advantageous to us,” explained Norbert Valles, program manager of INL’s National & Homeland Security Division.  “For LMS Defense to offer this very unique capability in our own back yard will be a tremendous asset to INL’s small arms development capabilities.”

“We are thrilled to welcome LMS Defense as the newest member of Idaho’s corporate community,” said Jeffery Sayer, director of the Idaho Department of Commerce. “The movement of LMS Defense’s corporate headquarters to Twin Falls is a tremendous opportunity for the state to partner with the local economic development leaders to create a cluster of companies in the area that have an interest in military and law enforcement training, or firearm related industries. We look forward to working with the Magic Valley in the future to support the growth and development of this sector in our economy.”

LMS Defense, established in 2006, provides world class defensive skills training, consulting, defense related research and development, systems integration, and specialized education to the United States military, law enforcement, US citizens, corporations, friendly foreign military and police organizations, and security professionals.
LMS operates a large training facility near Reno, NV in addition to deploying mobile training teams throughout the world.


LMS Announces Evolution of Mindset Course

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We are pleased to announce the roll-out of our latest course designed to strengthen the strongest weapon, the mind.  Dr. Neal Olshan and Chappy have worked to create the Evolution of Mindset Course, an integrated mind-body program of instruction designed to teach you how to teach yourself to clearly perceive events and exercise exacting judgment under stress.

Dr. Olshan has developed his decades of performance psychology experience, developed for and successfully applied by professional athletes, into a comprehensive system for use by tactical professionals and armed citizens.

The Evolution of Mindset Course is intended to teach you to;

  • Improve situational awareness
  • Improve carbine and handgun skill sets
  • Improve cognitive decision making
  • Improve tactical reaction time
  • Eliminate tunnel vision
  • Control auditory exclusion
  • Eliminate intrusive and distracting thoughts
  • Increase skill confidence at a subconscious level (mind-no-mind)
  • Visualize a threat stimulus and initiate a dynamic response
  • Eliminate memory distortions
  • Eliminate temporary paralysis
  • Counter automatic pilot

The Evolution of Mindset Course at LMS Defense is an intense experience that is fast-paced and designed to elevate your skill sets to the next level of performance. The Mindset Weapons System Formulas go beyond helping you achieve a high score in your chosen shooting activity but is the ultimate weapons and tactics administrator that may be a determining factor in your survivability.

We have teamed with Nemesis Precision Shooting Systems (www.npstwo.com) to provide the latest in Biometric Data Collection to enhance the training value to each student.

Many of you over the years have asked Chappy how to better train the mind, so we hope to see you in this course.

Stout Hearts

Fight or Flight: Today’s Law Enforcement Challenges

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We go through life never knowing what to expect next.  Each day brings different levels of tests that can either force you to flee or empower you to fight.  Mental health professionals call this “Fight or Flight”.  This is an age old adage that most of us know about.  As law enforcement training instructors, we commonly discuss the different factors relating to fight or flight in the law enforcement training courses we teach.

Choosing to flee a situation can in some instances be tactically sound.  If we face a situation where we are likely to be dominated, it would be wise to back up and regroup.  Now every situation could be scrutinized and determined what tactic is needed to go back in there and win the fight.  Sometimes strength in numbers is the answer and many times outsmarting the opposition is the key.  Without a specific scenario it is difficult to discuss the solution.

Today we face a challenge that is remarkable.  In my 18 years of law enforcement I have never seen the amount of violence toward officers like I am currently seeing.  Recently, in my small community I have seen anti-cop graffiti.  Such as “kill the pigs” a week after an area deputy was shot in the head and killed.  He left a wife and a new baby boy.  At the time of this writing all the different categories of officer related deaths are down except… by gunfire (+16%).  Does this mean we are going to stop doing our jobs?  No way!  When bad things happen, we rush towards it while everyone else runs.

We have to make sure that we press into the minds of our fellow gun handlers, cops, military people, and anyone else that will risk it all that we must succeed.  We MUST survive mentally, physically, and legally.  To do that we must be the BEST we can be.  As I write this I have friends that are facing a challenging battle.  They are not surviving the fight.  While physically they are fine, legally and mentally they are suffering the unknown.  The community has turned their back on them and the fight is still waging.

Next time you are put in the position to act.  What will you do?  Will you survive?  There is a lot more to the fight than winning the battle with your adversary.  I have always heard the ol’ adage, “better be tried by twelve than carried by six” and that argument has merit.  Just know when you fight…. Be prepared to win all three fights!  Physically, Mentally, and Legally!

May the righteous prevail!!

LMS Defense hosting Travis Haley at the CDC

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LMS Defense is happy to announce we will be one of the first to host Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners for his Adaptive Carbine 1 at the Combat Development Center in Northern Nevada.  Travis will be teaching his forward-leaning course September 9-11, 2011.  From beginner to advanced shooter, the Adaptive Carbine Program strats wit a proper fundementals package and escalates to high stress situations where speed, efficiency and accuracy means shooter survival.

The course cost is $700 for 3 days of intense training.  To register, please call 775-575-1111.  We will not be accepting online registrations for this course.  It will fill very quickly, so we recommend calling soon.

If you are interested in home defense training, or law enforcement training, this course will provide foundational skills applicable to both.

For more information, visit http://www.haleystrategic.com/training.php

The Best Home Defense Firearm

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The subjects of home defense, home defense training and how to choose the best home defense firearm are often hotly debated on Internet forums, in gun stores and just about every where firearms are discussed. This article will cover this topic based on the experiences of the LMS Defense instructor cadre.

Why own a firearm?

First, let’s establish some common ground. You are contemplating purchasing a firearm because you recognize that it is your responsibility to protect yourself and your family. The law enforcement community, as much as we love and support them, are not legally obligated to protect you. This has been established with case law as precedent.

You have made the decision that you are going to purchase a firearm for protection and home defense. Why not a taser or mace only? Because unfortunately, neither of those options are as effective as a firearm in stopping a lethal threat against you or someone you love.

Here is an unfortunate truth about this decision of what to choose for a best home defense firearm; It is not a simple or a one size fits all answer to this question, nor is there a “best”. Internet commandos that tell you that all you need is a .357 Magnum revolver for every situation are doing you a disservice.

Selecting a firearm for defense can be equated, at a basic level, to a carpenter selecting the right hammer. They all do pretty much the same thing, drive nails, but there are some differences in effectiveness and usability, based on your circumstances. Sure you can use a large 24 ounce framing hammer to nail trim or build kitchen cabinets, however it is not the right tool for the job like a smaller and lighter trim hammer would be.

Experience and Basis of Decisions

When thinking about a weapon for protection and home defense, the first time gun buyer needs to evaluate the problem from three angles: likely threats, available resources and environment.

The threat is going to be different in a high crime area versus a low crime area. Do you have carjackings or shootings happening every night in your neighborhood? That could be a clue that you are in a high crime area. Recently certain areas of Arizona have been experiencing an uptick in forced home invasions. This is an example of a very real likely threat that is higher in that locale than other areas of the country. By contrast, you may live in a rural area where you seldom see people. The threat is naturally going to be lower.

Available resources can be defined as how much time and money can they dedicate to training. Do they have a base level of experience or training to start? How often will they be able to train with this weapon? Training is an ongoing process, it is not a do once, then not worry about it anymore type of thing. If the individual has no foundation of firearms training and can not invest in on-going training, that would limit their choices considerably.

What is meant by environment? Basically, where do you live and in what type of dwelling. Where do you frequent?

How will this weapon likely be used by you? To protect you in your home only? To protect you in public outside your home, or both?

If you are living in what’s called a “shall issue” state, which means if you meet the legal requirements of the state concealed carry of deadly weapons license, the state issues you the license. There is no requirement of demonstration of need as in a “may issue” state. If perhaps you are living in Chicago and New York City, the situation will be dramatically different. Neither of these two areas permit the ownership of handguns and the options for personal protection firearm ownership is limited by the legal system. In those areas and others throughout the country it is impossible for a regular citizen to receive a concealed carry license, but they may be able to own a shotgun, carbine or rifle for home defense.

Other environment variables will effect your choice. For example, if someone is living in an urban or suburban multi-family dwelling or single family unit that is close to neighbors, the penetration or over-penetration of the weapon’s bullets should be considered during selection. A family living on a farm or in rural areas do not have to worry too much about a bullet traveling through an exterior wall and hitting a neighbor. Mission dictates equipment.

Concealed Carry Recommendations

To reiterate, you have made the decision to purchase a firearm for the protection and home defense, or you and your family out in public or in both cases as your local laws allow.

A realistic assessment of training and training tolerance is one of the key factors in determining what type of firearm you should be considering for your purpose. Honestly, if someone is not willing to invest in ongoing training it is irresponsible for them to conceal carry their weapon in public. You can not just go out purchase a handgun, take the concealed carry class and think that you are good to go. Rights come with responsibilities. If you are carrying a concealed weapon you have the responsibility to maintain proficiency with the weapon as well as seeking the types of training that will enable you to make good decisions under stress.Pistol 1

Each situation and circumstance require a different type of firearm, especially when carrying concealed. You should try to carry the most gun you can conceal while wearing the least amount of clothes you normally wear. This usually means that if you tend to wear cargo shorts and a t-shirt in a warmer climate, you probably can not effectively conceal the large framed weapons.

Another thing you need to decide is what caliber of handgun (how big the bullets are). This is a time honored debate that has raged for eons. Nine millimeter is the smallest round that someone should consider carrying. It is economical to shoot and is plenty powerful enough to stop a threat if you shoot them where you should be shooting people. That is in the chest (center of mass) or in the head. The goal is to quickly stop the threat before they can do harm. Unfortunately for the threat’s health, the quickest way to stop them is to shoot them in the heart or central nervous system.

To summarize regarding choosing a concealed carry handgun; choose a weapon that is at least of the nine millimeter (9mm) caliber and in the size that will allow you to ensure it can be carried concealed.

There is one last factor that needs to be considered and that is cost. Do not think that if you buy a used, off-brand handgun for $200, that you are getting a deal. You are not, and you may wind up paying far more for that decision that you realize. Any weapon that you rely on to save a life needs to be reliable above all else. To that end, you should choose from the top tier manufacturers such as, Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Heckler and Koch, and Sig Sauer.

Home Defense Firearm Recommendations

If you can afford more than one firearm, then please get a concealed carry weapon like previously discussed and a dedicated home defense weapon. If you can only afford one firearm right now, and you can carry concealed, then you should make sure you get a pistol that can fill both roles as a concealed carry weapon and home defense firearm. The pistol you choose for this dual role purpose must have the ability to fitted with a white light for the identification of a target. This is an absolute must without exception. You can not fire at a target without positively identifying it as a threat.Carbine

You may not be able to carry a concealed weapon because of your local and state laws. In that case, you will be protecting your family in your home and the weapon you are going to rely on should be a shotgun, carbine or rifle. There is an old saying, ‘pistols are for fighting your way to the rifle that you should have never laid down to begin with’.

Regarding your environment, if you are in the situation where you are living in an urban or suburban area, you will have to choose your weapon wisely to limit the danger to your neighbors in the unlikely event you have to use the weapon to protect yourself and family. It may seem counter-intuitive but a 5.56/.223 rifle bullet actually penetrates less than a pistol bullet such as a .357 magnum. The rifle bullet is a very light bullet that is traveling much faster than the pistol bullet. This means is is more likely to fragment and actually penetrates less drywall type interior walls than a pistol bullet that is heavier. This has been proven in tests where a .357 magnum bullet penetrated eight interior walls, and the 5.56/.223 bullet only penetrated two and a half interior walls.

There is another additional factor to weigh before making a decision; How much time and training are you willing to invest?

If you don’t have a whole lot of time to invest in training, and you live in an multi-family or urban single family home, then you should look to a 18.5 inch, 20 gauge pump shotgun with a white light installed and loaded with minimal penetration buckshot. A good example is the Remington 870 pump shotgun.

If you are willing to invest in more time for home defense training, and effective use of your weapon then choosing a rifle should be the primary option. The rifle is very effective but requires training to effectively operate. The training is required to maintain the weapon, clear malfunctions if they happen, and to effectively learn to fight with this weapon in your environment. The ability to fight with the rifle is the most important aspect that will be addressed with professional training from a company like LMS Defense.

In conclusion, the most important factors to determining the best home defense firearm is how much time you have to dedicate to learning, and maintaining a fighting proficiency with the weapon. The weapon should absolutely have a weapon light on it to allow positive identification of the target. And finally, it should be practiced with a lot. Does this mean you have to go to the range everyday? No. Dry fire is a very effective method of training that should be utilized and can be used every day to keep you sharp. Home defense firearm proficiency can be gained by taking a home defense training course, but it is up to you to maintain fighting effectiveness.


Maintenance Training Program

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Whether you are a law enforcement officer that frequently participates in formal law enforcement training, or a private citizen that engages in concealed carry, working seriously with firearms is a martial art, much like any other form of personal defense.

At LMS Defense we have begun to realize that students taking a course once or twice, then practicing the skills rarely, leads to poor skills retention when it counts. Think about one of the traditional martial arts, and why they work. Repeated, continuious exposure and supervised practice is required to maintain any complex function, including shooting, medical skills, fighting procedures or driving.

In response to this need, we have developed a bi-weekly Maintenance Training Program at our facilities in Fernley, NV. This program will be conducted on weeknights after 6:30pm, and will go for an hour or two, depending on the need.

The program will always begin at our Classroom at 888 US 95A in Fernley. Anyone may attend, whether they are a current LMS student or not. In keeping with our goal to encourage regular attendance (because we believe the need is so acute) we are keeping the costs low; with the weekly fee set at $20 per session for LMS Alumni, and $25 per session for non-Alumni. Our goal is to build a large regular attendance at this program, eventually building up to weekly sessions. These sessions will require little to no ammunition, and topics will vary.

Our first two sessions are scheduled for:

Thursday June 23, 2011, 1830 hrs, Topic: CCW Fundemental Skills, Gear: No ammo, CCW weapon and accessories, 5 dummy rounds

Thursday July 7, 2011, 1830 hrs, Topic: Carbine Manipulations, Gear: No ammo, carbine with sling and magazines, mag holder, 5 dummy rounds

Please pass this announcement to anyone, beginner or seasoned warrior, whom you feel would benifit from the program or may be interested.

I am excited to see you there.


John Chapman, LMS Defense Inc.

LMS Defense Featured in Law Enforcement Training Article

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LMS Defense’s recent Counter Ambush course, taught by Ken Hardesty in San Jose, CA on April 30, 2011 was attended and written about by PoliceOne editor Doug Wyllie.  You can read the article here: http://www.policeone.com/training/articles/3651223-Training-to-improve-counter-ambush-shooting-skills/

LMS Defense’s Counter Ambush course was created in response to the rise in officer attack statistics in recent years. Today’s law enforcement officers operate in a reactive environment, and often law enforcement training courses do not address the subject adequately.Counter Ambush

This course, although designed to augment the law enforcement training available to officers, is also applicable to the private citizen that practices concealed carry.

Areas of instruction included are breaking contact, fighting from the ground up, and maintaining the will to win as the focus of the course.

You can read the After Action Report (AAR) for this course on LMS Defense’s forum here: http://www.lmsdefense.com/forum/index.php?topic=7322.0

Be sure to check the LMS Defense schedule often for the next time this course is offered.

LMS Defense Announces Battle Rifle 1 Course

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In response to conditions on the ground in theater and domestically, many military and law enforcement teams are incorporating the battle rifle into assault and patrolling roles. LMS Defense has developed a new Battle Rifle course around this unique

We are also pleased to announce Stephen Hilliard, a veteran and long time Combat Developer, has come on board to lead our Battle Rifle
Program. Stephen will lend his experience with the Battle Rifle concept and equipment employment to this program; and assist students in incorporating the Battle Rifle concept into their personal or team doctrine.

The inaugural iteration of this course will be held at the LMS Defense Combat Development Center in Northern Nevada on 13-14 August 2011.

For more information and to register, visit http://www.lmsdefense.com/course-details/?id=37&cname=Battle+Rifle+1

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